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Prepared Dinners for the family

hummus salad

Something new from Sawicki’s!

We are preparing dinners for your family for the week!

Just order ahead and we will prepare you 4 heart healthy meals that fit your busy schedule. Right now, most people are focused on eating better and taking care of themselves–  let us take away all that thought– just come in and tell us how many people you want to feed and for how many days. We will write you a menu and schedule a pick up day— and that’s it!! You are eating healthy- feeding your family in less time– now you have time for yourself!!

hummus salad

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Sawicki’s  is carrying an all new local and artisinal Gelato company called Honeysuckle. They specialize in Southern-inspired flavors. As they state on their site, their vision is to combine the rich and smooth texture of gelato with the decadent flavor and desserts of the South.

Flavors Include:

Banana-Peanut butter


Dark Chocolate

Salted Caramel

Honey Fig

Watermelon Sorbet


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